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Kirlian Energy Emission AnalysisTM
"Through the use of the high-frequency apparatus, it was obvious that we were dealing with energy, and I therefore ascribed all cellular processes that take place within the individual as belonging to this energy."

P. Mandel, Color Me Healing

Energy Speaks

Kirlian photography involves using a high frequency apparatus to photograph the energy or light emission coming from a person's body. Peter Mandel acquired his first Kirlian camera in 1972 and spent the next 15 years perfecting his Energy Emission AnalysisTM (EEA) system for reading kirlian photos. During this time, Mandel took over 800,000 photographs of every patient who came to his clinic for treatment! Painstakingly, he studied these photos in relation to each patient's history, symptoms, and laboratory reports, as well as their responses to his treatments. His first innovation was to photograph all 10 fingers and toes on one piece of paper. This allowed him to create a wholistic picture of a person's entire energy system. Slowly, he developed a precise mapping or topography of each finger and toe as it related to energy flow in specific sectors of the body. To build his topography, he took into account the location of the Chinese acupuncture meridians which each terminate in the fingers and toes, as well as the energy network mappings found in other systems such as Dr. Reinhard Voll's electro-acupuncture. And always, he modified the topography according to his empirical findings in the clinic.

Today, Colorpuncture practitioners take Kirlian EEA photographs before and after each treatment. The pictures give precise information about the "causal chain of events" which has led to the patient's energetic imbalance. Most exciting, the photos often show the developing or presymptomatic stages of an energy imbalance.

Thus they can point the way to preventative therapy. Photos taken after treatment also show, in black and white, just how effective the treatment has been in restoring the energetic balance which can support healing processes.

"Through our observations, it became obvious that long before physical symptoms manifest, bodily changes, disease or illness are energetically existent and through our photographic technique would reveal themselves."

P. Mandel, Color Me Healing

To learn more about Mandel's EEA system, please refer to the article by Manohar Croke and Rosemary Dass in the Summer 1997 issue of the American Journal of Acupuncture. The abstract and details of this article are included in the section on Articles and Further Reading.

Kirlian photo before treatment. Energy is weak and insufficient. Kirlian photo one hour after treatment. Energy flow is restored.

Now, pictured above are two typical kirlian photographs, taken before and after a Colorpuncture treatment. These photos show how quickly the energy system can shift when light is applied.